Welcome to the X-Planes.de site. The home site of the makers of the EDDM Munich scenery for X-Plane. You will find here some add-ons for the X-Plane flight simulator.
We have redesigned our website, allowing the users to get the latest updates for our releases and a better support. Thanks to Hankos.net for making it possible.

EDDM v2.1 Beta 2

Since the launch of EDDM v1.1 and EDDM LITE v1.2, we continued the development of the EDDM - Munich Airport scenery. This new version includes amazing new features and a level of details unmatched in the X-Plane Scenery community. We have redesigned most Terminals and Hangars from the ground up. We also added new buildings, taxiways, update of the runway and a huge amount of static objects.

The buildings have a lot more polygons than the previous versions and a higher texture quality. For more informations click here.

Since EDDM 2.1 G8 Beta 1 we have implemented new trees and changed all static aircraft to OBJ8 – which results in much nicer rendering of these aircrafts. We will continue to work on this Beta in order to transform everything to OBJ8 format, improve performance and to correct errors. EDDM 2.1 G8 was done by converting EDDM Lite 2.0 using Ben Supnik’s tool DSF2TXT. You must have Global 8 from DVD installed to make this scenery work.

This is at this time a development release.

EDDM-Scenery v2.1 compatible with X-Plane Version: 8.21, Global Scenery Version 8, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux.

Very strong graphics capabilities required.



EDDM Lite 2.0


We are pleased to announce the release of the Munich Airport Scenery EDDM-Lite 2.0. The EDDM Lite Scenery was developed to help those, who liked the EDDM scenery, but experienced a slide show instead of flying and for the folks who fly online.

Since the release of EDDM V2b1 development release, we have worked to improve performance. This version is a complete rework of the objects to increase the frame rates. We see some improvement in performance, but the number of objects (> 1200) in this scenery still require a high end video adapter. We have changed the static aircrafts to the ones that better fit the EDDM airport. All static aircraft have been redesigned. We added quite a few objects. EDDM-Lite 2.0 has only one texture for the whole airport. This and the smaller object size reduce the download volume to 23 MB. Night textures have been improved. Please read the ReadMe.pdf for credits, installation and more information. For more details download the slideshow "Preview and introduction to EDDM-Lite 2.0". EDDM-Lite 2.0 is freeware, do not reuse it or parts of it in commercial projects.

EDDM-Lite 2.0 is limited to X-Plane Version 8.XX on Windows-PC (Linux not tested). Due to a bug in the OpenGL implementation on X-Plane for Mac OS X, Mac users will see most of the ground objects flicker. We apologize for this limitation. Strong graphics capabilities required.

Copyright 2005, X-Planes.de and the EDDM design team Adel Habib, Jochen Haink, Jürgen Schäble.


Airbus A340-300

We updated our Airbus A340-300 planes for X-Plane version 8.1 and higher.

Besides the compatibility with X-Plane v8.1x, we completely reworked the skin and cockpit panel. Also including the new cockpit LIT feature introduced with X-Plane 8.1.

The Airbus A340-300 come in two liveries based on real pictures:

If you like these planes, you can give us a little donation to support further development.


  • New features include:
  • Custom Sound
  • Custom Panels
  • Better Skin
  • LIT Panels
  • Goodway 3.0 Compatible